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This document regulate the sale among the company Beauty Program Italia S.r.l. (named after "Seller") and the buyer (named after "Customer").

When the order will be received by the Seller, the following sale's conditions will be considered as totally read and approved without reservations by the Customer.


All articles showed are proposed by the following company as Seller:

Beauty Program Italia S.r.l.

Via IV Novembre, 5/2

20010 INVERUNO (MI) - Italy

VAT Id and Fiscal Code / Commercial Register of Milan 09203230157

Web Site:


The Seller exclusively accepts orders with delivery to European Union Countries.


1. All proposed articles are strictly new and qualitatively checked before delivery in order to assure maximum satisfaction of the Customer.

2. Each product has a descriptive page in which are indicated all information to know before confirmation of the purchase as well as possible accessories and/or gifts included. All pictures have only the purpose to introduce the products and are not binding for the Seller.

3. Prices of the articles are expressed in currency Euro (except other indication). The price is not inclusive of delivery amount and other possible costs in Customer's name. The Seller has faculty to modify sale's prices in each moment and without notice, except for confirmed orders.

4. For all articles with more than a color and/or size, the Customer is invited to select it/them by referring to the indications in the advertisement. After delivery of the product, possible change of it asked by the Customer is only available if goods are in perfect conditions and not used. In every case, the amount for return and for new delivery will be always in name of the Customer.


1. Payment must be made in advance with one of the following methods:






E.U. Area (European Union)



2. Method of payment can be selected after confirmation of the purchase. All data required will be automatically showed but in case of missed receipt it is always possible to ask them to the Seller.

3. Payment must be performed within 5 (five) days from purchase exclusively in currency Euro and without costs in name of the Seller; if this is not followed, delivery will not be performed. In case of trouble the Customer is invited to immediately inform the Seller with e-mail.

4. In case of payment with credit card, the Customer will be addressed to PayPal's Web Site. For all linked problems, it will be necessary to contact the Customer Care of PayPal because the Seller has no responsibility for it.

5. If it is possible to specify, the motive of payment must be the number of the order. The amount to pay must be exactly the same as asked by the Seller and, for this reason, the Customer is invited to verify the exactness before payment and not to round it. 

6. Payment with cash, check or at receipt of goods are not accepted.

7. Goods will be sent only after accounting registration of the payment and for this reason the Customer is invited not to solicit delivery because time of acquisition could sometimes be long, in particular for bank transfer.

8. If time at disposal for payment will expire without receiving it, the Seller will send a reminder by e-mail to the Customer; the order will be cancelled if no reply to that message will be received.


1. The Seller only accepts orders with shipping, so direct pickup is not available.

2. After having inserted products in the shopping cart, all available methods and amounts of delivery will be indicated. The Seller normally employs the following modalities offered by Poste Italiane:




      (For tracking click here)


      (For tracking click here)

E.U. Area (European Union)



      (For tracking click here)

3. Delivery is always in name and at  total risk of the Customer.

The Seller is not responsible in all ways for possible lost, theft, damage and/or delay for delivery of ordered goods.

For methods of delivery without identification code (i.e. Priority Mail) it will be impossible to find the dispatch; for this reason the Seller doesn't accept complaints concerning possible delays and/or problems with consignment.

4. All amounts for delivery include packing and logistic quotas.

5. Orders will be processed, normally, within 2 (two) working days after accounting registration of the payment (from Monday to Friday). The Customer, before confirmation of the order, is invited to verify that registered address for delivery is correct because the Seller will not be responsible for problems with consignment. When goods will be sent, the Seller will inform the Customer with e-mail mentioning also the identification code of delivery (if existing).

6. For each delivery a Fiscal Receipt will be issued and inserted into the package.

7. Times of dispatch depend exclusively from the postal service and the Seller is not in all ways responsible for delays on consignment of ordered goods.

8. In case of lack for characteristics of goods (size, colour, etc.) or for other needs, the Customer will be contacted with e-mail. However, the Seller will not be responsible for delays due to the wait of answer.

9. Orders received during non-working days or in August will be processed after reopening. In each case, an informative page will be published.


1. As from Italian Law, the Customer has faculty to recede from purchase within 10 (ten) days from delivery of goods, but only if it is perfectly intact and sealed into original package.

2. In order to perform withdrawal right, the Customer must send to the Seller a registered letter with return-receipt, within the time indicated above, to the following address:

Beauty Program Italia S.r.l.

Via IV Novembre, 5/2

20010 INVERUNO (MI) - Italy

3. After receiving that communication, the Seller will inform the Customer about the address to which goods must be sent back. Return must be made in name and at total risk of the Customer with a method of delivery with tracking.

4. All returns of goods with delivery in Seller's name will be refused. Goods which are not took over or rejected by the Customer when being delivered are not valid causes for withdrawal right.

5. The Customer must specify on the letter as from article 6.2 also banking coordinates for refund which includes the price of goods excluding amounts for deliveries and other extras paid. In every case, the refund will be performed within 30 (thirty) days from receipt of goods by the Seller and only after the integrity of it will be verified.

6. If the Customer doesn't send the letter as from article 6.2 or if goods are not sent back to the Seller, withdrawal right will be not more available.

7. Withdrawal right, as from law, is not available in following cases:

a) Order's amount is less than Euro 25,00 (excluding delivery amount and other extras).

b) Monouse articles and/or products to use directly on the skin.

c) Custom made products (i.e. if more than a size or color are available, etc.)

d) Sale with Invoice to a Customer with VAT-Id, for all amounts.


1. Warranty covers only faults of manufacture of the purchased article/s. All possible damages caused during delivery, by improper use, for negligence of the user and/or in disagreement with instructions for use, if existing, are not to be considered as sources of responsibility of the manufacturer and/or the Seller.

2. If the product is destined to be used on direct contact with the skin, for hygienic reasons it will be impossible to replace the article or to refund the amount paid. It will be admitted, if possible, a reparation of it.

3. In order to be checked by technical department, goods must be sent back. For this reason, the Customer is invited to contact the Seller with e-mail in order to receive authorization and address for return.

4. Goods must be sent back in name and at total risk of the Customer with a method of delivery with tracking. The Customer is also invited to make attention in choice of package for delivery because the Seller will not be responsible for possible damages caused by transport. With the article must also be sent a copy of the Fiscal Receipt or Invoice.

5. When received by the Seller, goods will be checked and, observing what indicated above, repaired or replaced. Complications during the reparation or replacement could involve the payment of an extra amount which will be notified with e-mail to the Customer. When the product is ready, it will be sent in name and at total risk of the Customer.

6. If the control shows that the product is well working or the damage is not of responsibility of the manufacturer and/or the Seller (as article 7.1) goods will be immediately sent back with a method of delivery in name and at total risk of the Customer.

7. Warranty doesn't cover accessories and/or gifts included with the purchased articles.


1. Customer Care is only available with e-mail. It is possible to send a message using the link "Contact Us" included in the homepage.

2. Operators will send an answer within 24/48 hours after receipt during working days (from Monday to Friday). All messages sent during weekends or non-working days will receive a reply after reopening.

3. The Customer is invited to be patient and not to send many messages with the same subject. If the message can find an answer from descriptions of the articles or from this document, it won't be considered.


In accordance with Italian Law (L. 31/12/1996 n. 675, D.Lgs. 30/06/2003 n. 196 and other rules) the Seller guarantees protection for private information provided by the Customer.

All data required are compulsory for completing the purchase and to access possible services offered by the Seller.

The Customer has faculty in every moment to free access to those data in order to update, modify or deny the use. For this, it is necessary to send a written communication to the data's responsible to the company address.

With confirmation of the order, the Customer guarantees the truthfulness of data and give consent for use to the Seller.


The purchase is entirely ruled by Italian Law and in case of dispute will be exclusively competent the Court in Milan.


When the order will be received by the Seller, the following sale's conditions will be considered as totally read and approved without reservations by the Customer.

In accordance with articles 1341 and 1342 of the italian Civil Code the Customer, confirming the order, declares to have read and specifically approved without reservations the articles 2, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 4.1, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 5.1, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, from 6.1 to 6.7, from 7.1 to 7.7, 9, 10, 11 of this document.


Diffusion without authorization and/or reproduction, also partials, of this document are totally forbidden. 

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